Inspection Services


Our engineered inspection services are performed in conjunction with our sister company Canadian Quality Inspections Ltd. (CQI) 

At AJP Engineering our inspectors and technicians are proud to specialize in the design, evaluation and repair of industrial cranes, and bridge and runway structures, including crane fatigue life evaluation. 

We will implement crane engineered repair procedures for damaged equipment and structures, and certify the safe return to service of cranes, and repaired industrial equipment. We have also designed hundreds of below-the-hook lift devices for specialized industrial, manufacturing, or production applications.

We have designed and evaluated structures up to 100 ton capacity to meet the requirements of CMAA, AIST, CSA & CAN standards for all our services which includes;

  • top-running and under-running bridge cranes
  • semi-gantry and gantry cranes
  • simple span
  • continuous and self-supporting runways
  • monorails
  • Jib cranes
  • Stacker cranes

On many occasions we have successfully assisted clients with crane engineered upgrades to existing structures to overcome fatigue failures and to extend service life of existing equipment. This is a great alternative to costly replacement, or to restore structural integrity so the equipment can be returned to production on an interim basis.


Some of the fields the AJP/CQI team inspect and test are as follows:


Aerial Devices

Tailored to applicable codes or specifications requested by the owner.


Boilers and Pressure Valves

  • Inspections per National Board Inspection Code


Industrial Mining Equipment

We provide inspection, testing and repair procedures for all types of mine equipment, including:

ball and rod mills

  • underground mobile equipment
  • tanks and ore bins


Manufactured Equipment

Technicians and inspectors will perform, quality assurance, inspection, and testing.


Mobile Crane Inspections
(Conventional Cranes, Telescoping Cranes, and Knuckle-Boom Cranes)

Inpsections are in accordance with the saftey code on mobile cranes as per CAN/CSA Standard-Z150-98 (R2004)



Experience within all components of the pressure industry, our qualifications are; C.S.A Z662 and NACE.


Pressure Piping

  • Fabrication and field installation inspections designed to ASME B31 Piping codes. Fitness for service inspections per AP RP579.


Pressure Vessels

Inspections are in accordance with ASME pressure vessel code.


Shop Crane and Runway Inspection
(Overhead, Jibs, Monorails, Overhead & Gantry)

We perform visual weld inspection and non-destructive testing (NDT) to assess the structural condition of crane bridges and runways, crane trolleys, gantry cranes, monorail cranes, jib cranes, hooks and below-the-hook-lift devices adhering to the CAN/CSA Standard-B167-96 (R2002). 

We also perform crane runway alignment surveys, and consult on remedial actions to rectify overhead crane operational and maintenance problems.  We specialize in assessing and extending remaining crane & runway service life, performing service class rating and capacity upgrades.


Structural Steel

23 years of experience with total and complete construction observation and material testing.